Food-Grade Custom Processing Services

Our company has the equipment, space, and compliance to fulfill your custom processing needs. Give us a call to discuss your project.

Food-Grade Material/Powder Rework

With our customized systems, we can set up a cost effective process that mitigates your losses. Call us today to discuss solutions for your processing needs.

Powder Conditioning

Whether the material is clumpy, rock solid, not flowing, or out of spec, we can correct the problem. Learn more about our powder conditioning services.

Metal Detection & Removal

Suspect metal in your food ingredients or material? We have the right equipment and expertise to remove metal from your product.

Foreign Material Removal

Screen/sift out unwanted contaminants.


If you're simply looking to get a product into different size packaging, we can help.

Particle Size Analysis

We have ability to determine particle size distribution with quick turn arounds.

Metal Detector