Food-Grade 3PL Warehousing for Dry Goods

Our company offers temperature-controlled, food-grade 3PL warehousing services. To ensure the utmost safety and integrity of your food products, our warehouse is dedicated to food-grade materials and is pest-controlled, FDA compliant, and BRC (GFSI) certified.

We can also provide value-added processing services for dry food materials on-site.

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Food-Grade Warehousing Services

  • Temperature-controlled year-round
  • Complete, certified pest control year-round
  • Food-grade materials only
  • Services structured for convenience
  • No storage duration minimums and prorated billing to the day
  • Store single pallets up to full truckloads
  • Inventory reports on demand
  • FIFO or FEFO stock rotation capabilities
  • FDA compliant with BRC (GFSI) certification
  • Insured, licensed, and certified
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